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During the weeks from mid-August through mid-October, part of our farm bursts into colorful splendor!  The dahlia tubers that were painstakingly planted in May grow into beauties - some of which you can see pictured above.  Each year we painstakingly plant hundreds of tubers and eagerly await the first bloom!  Treasured by many, these beauties don't last very long when they go to market!!   Great for parties, weddings, or simply enjoying in your home, dahlias will make a grand appearance no matter where they show up. Being a flower that carries little to no fragrance, they make great additions to dinner or buffet tables.


Have a special event in late August, September. or October?  Contact us today for more ​information on how you can use Dahlia's to compliment your decor!  


Just for Florists and Event Planners

A lot of places sell flowers. But how many places can offer you locally grown, high quality, fresh cut flowers at a fair price, all with no middle man who needs a cut? We know your bottom line matters, and we think you will be happy with our flowers. 

 And we offer you 3 easy options to get our dahlias into your hands when you need them.  Just click the button under the option you would like to use to be directed to our Contact Us Page where you can leave reach out to us with what you need.

You Pick Option


Per Stem

(Exception:  Cafe au lait - $2.50/stem)

This option is cost effective and well worth the trip to the farm if you have the time. You stroll through the patch and pick the flowers that best suit your needs. The patch is open weekdays from 8AM till 8PM for you to cut. Please contact us the day before you intend to come so that we can be sure someone is on hand or close by to help if needed. 

We Pick / You Pick Up Option


Per Stem

(Exception:  Cafe au Lait - $3.00/stem)

This option is more cost effective than our delivery option. You tell us what colors and sizes you are looking for; we cut the flowers the morning of pick-up and put them in water for you. Unless otherwise agreed upon, pick up times are between 4:00 and 6:00 PM. Contact us at least two days prior to when you need your flowers so that we can allow plenty of time in our schedule to gather what you need.​

We Pick / We Deliver Option


Per Stem

(Exception:  Cafe au Lait - $3.50/stem)​

Minimum Order of $75 for this option

This is certainly our most expensive option; however, you will find that the flowers are still less expensive than what you would have to pay at a larger distributor . . . and we can guarantee the flowers will be fresh and in good condition upon delivery! Flowers will be cut the day they are delivered to you. Because the farm keeps us very busy throughout the day, delivery times will vary, but we will try to work with you so that you have your flowers when you need them.

Cost per stem includes delivery within a 25 mile radius from our farm. An additional delivery fee may be added to your order if we have to go beyond that distance.

Our Inventory

At last count, we had 37 varieties of these beautiful flowers, ranging in colors from pure white to a deep, dark burgundy/almost black flower. Blooms sizes vary from the commanding AA size (10” + blooms) down through the popular ‘BB’ size (which boast blooms between 4” - 6”). We even have some of what we refer to as PomPoms which are around the 2” size. Planting takes place in May and by mid-August the field is drawing attention from passers-by. Prime bloom time for these beauties is September and early October.  

The Picture on Pick-Your-Own

Once our dahlias start producing fully, we open our field to those who enjoy the thrill of the hunt! Are you a bride-to-be looking for an economical solution to bridal flowers? Consider cutting your own dahlias and enlisting your friends to help make your flower arrangements and bouquets for your special event. Hosting a family reunion or party and want flowers to add an elegant touch to your decor? These classy flowers can be dressed up for formal affairs or placed in simple mason jars for a down-home, country look. We think you will be happy with our quality product and fair pricing.

*Please understand that while we always love visiting and chatting with fellow dahlia enthusiasts, we can not always accommodate walk-ins during the week, so please call ahead for an appointment if you can't make it over the weekend.

For the 2022 season, we will be open

September 10th - October 22nd 

Saturdays (10 AM - 4 PM) & Sundays (12 - 4 PM).

for Cut Your Own Sales.

Cut Your Own Pricing: $1.25 / Stem

To Make the Most of Your Visit

  • Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes - you will be walking in a mowed field; uneven ground is a given and wet grass is common in the earlier part of the day.
  • Bring a bucket for your flowers; we’ll supply the water.
  • Bring along your favorite pair of cutters or hand shearers (note: scissors will not work). Don’t have any? We’ll be glad to lend you a pair to use while you are visiting.
  • Dogs – Dogs are permitted if well behaved and on a leash. Please understand we can not be responsible for your pet’s reaction to other customers or their ingestion of plant material or debris that may be present.
  • Photography Policy – Take all the beautiful photos you would like. But we must insist that you please stay within the designated walking areas.
  • No Alcohol or Smoking – NO Alcohol is permitted on the premises, and we ask that you please refrain from smoking due to the presence of young lungs at play.


A lot of places sell flowers. But how many places can offer you locally grown, high quality, fresh cut flowers at a fair price, all with no middle man who needs a cut? We know your bottom line matters, and we think you will be happy with our quality product, fair pricing, and delivery policies.​

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