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Located in beautiful Menallen Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, the Tuckey homestead covers approximately 100 acres of pristine forest and farm land.  The farm was originally started in the 1950's by Kevin's grandfather, Ergie Tuckey.  Upon his retirement,  the farm passed to Ergie's son, Ronald Tuckey, who farmed it for 45+ years before turning it over to Kevin in the early 1990's.  Kevin continues the family farming tradition today with his two adult sons, Ryan and Nathan (Ryan runs a farm of his own at another location while Nathan assists in running the home farm.  And as the family continues to grow, the 5th generation of grandsons, Reuben, Mason, and Emmett are already developing a love of the farming lifestyle.


It's a Family Affair


Where We Sell Our Goods

When Kevin took over the farm, the fruit grown was primarily sold to local processors.  As the years passed, however, he began the gradual transition to that of a fresh market farm, which means that most of the fruit and vegetables grown on the farm are now sold at Farmers Markets in their freshest and most natural state.  We use no middleman, which ensures we can offer the freshest quality possible at the fairest possible price. While not organic by nature, we only use the minimum of sprays necessary to guarantee a healthy, pest-free growing environment.  Our families eat our products too, so we strive to keep our fruits and vegetables safe for all who consume them! 


"A Farm is more than land and crops.  It is a family's HERITAGE and FUTURE."

                   author unknown

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