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Welcome to Our Farm!

Great quality products offered to you at a fair price -- that has always been and always will be - - our Motto! We hope our site will inspire you to visit us at one of our many farmers' market locations or to take a drive on the scenic country roads of Adams County, PA, that lead to our farm.  Doing so will allow you  to experience the difference fresh fruits and vegetables can make on your table. Give fresh, clean eating  a try, and we bet you'll be hooked!  


Online Store Now Open!

Recent changes in how we market our fruit and produce have given us the opportunity to expand our online presence.  We've created an online store that offers our market customers the ability to think ahead, pre-order, and pre-pay for items they would like to pick up at our farm and/or at any of our market venues.  Not all markets are up and running due to the COVID-19 pandemic (please check our market page to see which are operating as normal)So, we encourage you to check out our online store.  As the growing season progresses, new things will continue to be added, so be sure to check back often!  We strive to continue to be your source for great fruit and vegetables!  They don't come any fresher unless you grow them yourself!!  And remember, in just a few weeks, we will also be offering our very popular Dahlia Bouquets as well!


Our Dahlias are ready for Planting!

The onset of May signals that it's​ time to pull all our dahlia tubers from their 

winter slumber  and start the process of planting and growing 

the beautiful flowers that so many have come to love.  


Are you a Florist or Market Vendor who would like to 

purchase dahlias for your business?  or do you know someone who is?  

We can offer you what wholesale warehouses can't - excellent quality, locally grown, fresh-cut flowers at affordable prices!  When you cut out the middle man, you can save  'dollars' and it just makes 'cents'! 


 Give us a call, text, or email us today for more information!!


September - October . . . weekends and other days by appointment!

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