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Broken Crate BBQ

Yes, we’re new on the block as far as Barbecues go! Who would have guessed that a lifetime fruit and vegetable farmer would find love in smoked meat? This growing hobby is something that Kevin hopes to expand and share with others. Quality is a must … we’d never give you something we wouldn’t enjoy at our own table! First, we start with fresh, quality meat, sourced locally as often as possible (we really like Steely Meats in Fayetteville, PA). To it, we add some of Kevin’s special spice blend, and then we let the smoker do the rest… nice and slow! We believe in letting the meat speak for itself. However, if you’re a saucy type of guy or gal, you may want to try Kevin’s Sweet Honey Bourbon BBQ Sauce (yep, it’s his recipe too)! 

Kevin likes to cook . . . And we’re betting you like to eat! So, if you have a family dinner or social gathering planned and want something different for the main course, give us a call! We can offer a variety of smoked meats, including but not limited to, pulled pork, baby back ribs, beef brisket, turkey breast, salmon, or country pork sausage. Add one of our yummy sides and you’ll be set. 

All selections are priced on the basis of current market prices, with a little extra thrown in for the cook, of course! Special orders are welcome, so talk with us today about the many possibilities. 

The Meat Locker

Warning . . . the following content may make your mouth water!

Pulled Pork - $11.95 / lb.

Pork at its finest, slow-smoked, fall off the bone

tender with just the perfect amount of seasoning.

Apple Cider Brined Turkey Breast - $11.95 / lb.

We start with half of a boneless turkey breast, brine it

in our own Apple Cider Brine to help it stay moist and

juicy and then smoke it until it’s nice and tender.

A touch of our Everything Spice mix seasons it up

perfectly. Sold by the half breast (average weight 2 - 2 ½ lb)

Broken Crate Brisket - $24.95 / lb.

We start with a fresh beef brisket & a dash of salt. Then,

we sit back and let the slow, low cook begin. Smoke,

the right temperature, and time all come together to

make our brisket juicy and delicious every time!

Apple Country Ribs - $11.95 / lb.  

Finger-lickin’ goodness starts with a liberal amount

of our awesome Everything Spice. Then we cook them

low and slow until they are fall-off-the-bone tender. Sold by weight either in 1/2 or whole rack sections.

The SideShow

Warning . . . the following content may make your mouth water!

Loaded Baked Beans - $6.95 / lb.

This family recipe is a favorite anywhere it goes.

Slow-cooked beans, bacon, and burger, sauced with the

right amount of savory and sweet side dish that pairs

well with any meat, but also makes a tasty main dish all by itself!

Top our Mac and Cheese with these beans for a pairing that is amazing!

Homestyle Mac and Cheese - $6.95 / lb.

Decadent and delicious, we start with hearty

spiral pasta and cook it in in a 3-cheese cream sauce

for the ultimate treat in homemade comfort food.

You’ll want to get plenty because this is a ‘Seconds,

Please’ type of Mac and Cheese!

Sweet Bourbon BBQ Sauce - $ 2.00 / 4 oz. 

Kevin’s own recipe, sweetened with a bit of

molasses and topped off with Bourbon, makes

this sauce a super tasty addition to any meat! 

Coming Soon - Cole Slaw - $4.95 / lb.

Sweet and savory meet in the middle to offer a

crunchy side dish. Freshly-grated cabbage and carrots

find their home in a tangy, sweet dressing, which 

provides a great compliment to any of our meat


Are You Hungry Yet?

Contact us today with questions or for pricing.

Phone/Text: 717-677-7997 or 717-357-3087

Email: or 


Want to give Kevin's EVERYTHING! Spice Rub a try?  Send us a message via our Contact Page or visit one of our market stands.  Cost per 2.4 oz. bottle - $8.00

Shrimp in White Wine Sauce


1 cup White Wine

1 stick unsalted Butter (no substitutes)

2 tablespoons EVERTHING! Spice Rub

2 lb. shrimp (any size you prefer)

Melt butter in saute pan.  Add white wine and rub; mix and bring to a boil.  Add shrimp and saute until cooked (light pink in color).  Enjoy over your favorite cooked pasta or rice.

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